Over the past few years, we have observed a disturbing trend—an alarming increase in mental health challenges our educational institutions face. This issue transcends age, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds, warranting immediate attention and a collective action.
We at Sportz Village firmly believe that sport and physical activity are powerful tools for addressing the mental health crisis among today’s youth.

Inclusive Program

Inclusive sports play a pivotal role in fostering belongingness and inclusivity across diverse dimensions. They establish an environment where people of all abilities, backgrounds, and identities can come together, participate, and thrive.

Excellence Program

The excellence program offers talented students, opportunities to hone their skills and provides a healthy outlet for self-expression.

at IIM-Bangalore

Sportz Village tied up with IIM Bangalore to implement our sports excellence programs since 2016


Sangram 2022 - 23


Sangharsh 2022 - 23

Overall Champions

AY 2019 - 20 Ahmedabad

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    Play is the fundamental human need just as are food, clothing, shelter and education. And this forms the fundamental behind coming together of a passionate set of people and ideas to form Sportz Village – the World’s largest youth sports platform that is trying to make the world a better place by getting 100 million children to play. Established in 2003, Sportz Village’s philosophy is pillared on improving the health and fitness of children and getting everyone to experience the magic of sports. Sportz Village has four specialized verticals under its umbrella that cater as sports enabling platforms through the stages of a kid’s development

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